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Cargo Clearence

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Does your airline intend to approach  Frankfurt/Main  Airport Germany.  The Gate Way airport to Europe !!!

Please consider my following

Airport Services

for both

In / Outbound flights.

Our services are there to assist airlines achieve optimum

and effective results in a cost saving/effective manner.

Atlantic Touristic & Air Services provide the skills,personnel

and local expertise such as IATA,BSP,Reservation trimmed

staff in order to grow the airlines sector sales, touristic or

ethnic nature. Increase revenue and yield aswell as profits,

while promoting customer relations in the local market.

Our aim is to ensure maximum revenue and yield from


Our services are there  to create and maintain a positive

image of the represented airline.

Our goal is to generate revenues from all sectors of the

market for the represented airline.

We offer a complete package, the latter withholds all

airline related subjects e.g in and around the aircraft

and the subjects thereof.

In addition Atlantic Touristic & Air Services in the

German,Austrian,Italien and ChechRep markets the

carriers like Kuwait Airways,Qatar Airways,Thai Airways

and SriLankan Airways and is successfully selling their

seat capacity of various seating class to individual/end

users. The destinations are Kingdom of Thailand,Sri-

lanka,Maldives,Malasia and Indonesia.

The Atlantic Touristic & Air Services promotes these

airlines by using effective FLYER / E-Mail media,which

reaches a number of 250.000 e-mail addresses on

monthly basis,this action is taken ofcourse,once

a specific airline has come out with a HOT-SELLING

price for an specific sector.

The reservation system used is the Amadeus and

the tickets are issued in cooperation with air ticket

consolidator, e.g E Tickets only.

Similar on the cargo sector, which includes AWB

cutting for outbound shipments including customs

clearence and handling of VIC+Perishable goods

and live stock. We also perform customs clearences

as per clients need.

Our scope of services


based on

moderate prices.

Passenger Handling Supervision

1.Check in and boarding

2.Reservation,Sales and ticketing/MCO

3.Arrival and baggage handling


Ramp Supervision

1.Dedicated Aircraft Dispatch Coordinator

2.Baggage sort

3.Aircraft loading

4.Cleaning and servicing


Load Control Supervision

1.Full weight and balance

2.Aircraft services

3.Flight message despatch

4.Crew handling and accomodation,per diem

5.Crew transport



Operations & Station Coordination

1.Communications and operational messages

2.ATC Flight plan filing

3.CTOT request and coordination


Private/Corporate Handling

1.Flight permissions

2.Passenger and aircraft handling

3.Flight operations

4.Fuel arrangements


Cargo Services

1.Reception and warehouse control(incl PER & VAL)

2.ULD building and control

3.Ramp & Loading supervision

4.IATA Dangerous Goods handling

5.IATA Live stock handling.


Sales Services(Passenger capacity) we offer

-FIT & Group sales         - Existing customer retention

-New customer enchain  - Sales compaigns

-Local contract negotiation -Sales seminars

-ITB attendence             -Organisation

-Market analysis             -Media advertising

-Sales calls                    -Direct mailing to TravelAgents

-IT fares introduction.



To be precise.,

Atlantic Touristic & Air Services FRA/Germany assists air-

lines with organizational support.

Reservation systems:Online booking,ticketing and

payment including tracking,yield and accounting.

Consultancy:Feasibility study and preparation,

business plan,airline certification and traffic rights and

slots at Frankfurt a Main Germany airport.

Atlantic Touristic & Air Services is well experienced in

Destination Marketing,specifically the Maldives,SriLanka

and the kingdom of Thailand,experience 1993 - 2006.

With years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of

the travel industry(German Touristicas well as territories

such as Austria,Switzerland,Italy,Chech Republic)as a

whole,as well as specific local markets,we are uniquely

positioned to understand and meet the needs of an air-

line,considering us having its PSA or GSA partner.

Ask for our comprehensive and detailed offer in this

reference, we shall be obliged to provide you an offer

with facts and figures including capitalization,costs

saving,cost effecting,cash flow and contingency

planning(if so needed),trimmed to the

requirement of FRA airport aswell as Hahn Airport


My companies mission.,

-To reflect philosophy,attitude and standards

of represented airline by each action.

-To create positive perception of the represented


-To aim preferred carrier or supplier status in the

target market.

-To generate passenger & cargo traffic from all

possible market sectors.

-To ensure maximum revenue and yield from all sales.

-To assist partner with local expertise on decision

making process.




A little about me.,

School / College aswell as Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

Degree Saint Patricks College

Subjects:English Literature / Political Science / European History.

Karachi / Pakistan Close-up 1973.

In Germany since 1976 Frankfurt/Main

my beloved City since then.

I have basically learnt Clearing & Forwarding

with Union Transport Betriebe Town Office & Airport

later attached to Cargo Agent A.HartdRodt Frankfurt/Main

Airport and ultimately worked for Pakistan Intl.Airlines

Cargo Frankfurt/Main Airport untill 1990.

I later made my way through airlines, from cargo agent to

duty and station manager,which included passenger and cargo

 aircraft handling,commencing with

B707 freighter,B747-200 combi,Airbus310/320/340 to B757-200 and 767-200 passenger & Cargo version.

In the year 1993-1997 I held the position of Director Sales & Marketing for a Maldivian Airline in the Rep. of Maldives.

With the duration of time,not only that I have gained

experience,yet also contacts with airport,slots authorities,

aswell as with catering and maintenance providers to

airlines 1976 - 2006. Being at the Frankfurt/Main airport

I have developed good relationship with FRAPORT the

airport authority in passenger aswell as in cargo faculty

both,my range of contacts commences with FRAPORT

rentals till aircraft landing and take off,you name it and

I will be in a position to line-up the latter for you.


I have also written and prepared Flight Ground Operational

Manual including applications pursuant to SLOTS and

flight clearences,correspondence with the authorities.

Here,. a time period may be observed as 1991-1993.


I may be contacted,if so desired by you



The Author & Proprietor


     Faisal Ansari


Atlantic Touristic & Air Services,. Frankfurt/Main Germany.




Tel:0049-69-97765901 or Cell 0152-59006272